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Monday, February 16, 2015

Ear plugs and mine detectors

I am not the biggest fan of the Taxpayers' Alliance but their latest freedom of information request has thrown up an intriguing question. They have discovered that Whitehall departments lost over £5billion in one year in written-off costs, “fruitless payments” and errors.

In the case of the Ministry of Defence civil servants spent £6 million on ear plugs which were found not to be fit for purpose. They shelled out £7.2 million on mobile mine detection capability for Warrior vehicles that was deemed unsuitable and they made a fruitless payment of £4 million due to the forward purchase of an inventory liability as a result of the early withdrawal from service of Sea King Helicopters.

Now mistakes do happen, but seriously, £6 million on ear plugs? That must be enough for an entire country!
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