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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zeus is missing

Disturbing news from Ammanford  (I did not think I would ever type those words) as the Western Mail reports that Zeus the cat has gone missing.

The paper says that Zeus, who is a well-known in the town for wandering around the shops stealing food and sleeping in inconvenient places has not been seen by his owner since Monday night:

Now his owner Jessica Morris is praying for his safe return.

“It’s not the first time Zeus has gone missing, on previous occasions he has been gone a day or two but soon comes home for food,” she told the South Wales Guardian.

“We’ve left food out the back door in case he comes home at night, but he hasn’t touched it.

“I hope no-one has taken him.”

A distraught Jessica is asking everyone to check their garden sheds and lock-ups.

Zeus has become famous for napping in the local card shop, stealing from the pound shop and getting thrown out of the butchers.

Such is his brazen attitude that traders in the Carmarthenshire town don’t bat an eyelid when he pops in for something to eat or to find a quiet aisle to sleep in.

Jessica said she often receives phone calls to fetch Zeus from various shops.

Staff at Tesco in Ammanford even keep him in the back room until Jessica arrives to pick him up.

In the past he has even been locked in a local shop overnight. Hopefully, that is all that has happened to him this time.
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