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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kinnock intervention highlights Labour divisions

Today's Times reports on a dramatic intervention in Labour's in-fighting by Neil Kinnock, who has called for an end to the internal sniping at Ed Miliband. He warned that the Labour leader would face even more vicious attacks than he had endured in 1992 and obviously believes it would be helpful if there was no friendly fire to contend with as well.

Kinnock warned that “sniping from behind” was far more damaging than assaults from opponents, but said that whilst he is reluctant to intervene, criticisms of the party’s election strategy by senior Blairites has been “so great that it requires a response”:

His call came after Alan Milburn, the former health secretary and close ally of Tony Blair, launched a stinging attack on Labour’s election message of protecting the NHS.

Unfortunately, Neil Kinnock's intervention, coming in the form of an attack on Alan Milburn, just highlighted the differences once more and put Ed Miliband under even more pressure. C'est la vie.
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