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Thursday, December 04, 2014

The poor impoverished Nigel Farage

Today's Telegraph has an astonishing piece on man-of-the people, Nigel Farage who apparently is having difficulty surviving on his £109,000 per year salary:

The Ukip leader told a Channel 4 programme that he made significant financial sacrifices to pursue a political career and has had to live on “about half what the local headmaster or GP earns”.

“I don’t think I know anyone in politics who is as poor as we are,” Mr Farage claimed in a spin-off of Gogglebox, the Channel 4 reality show about families watching television. “We live in a small semi-detached cottage in the country, and I can barely afford to live there,” he said. “We don’t drive flash cars. We don’t have expensive holidays. We haven’t done for ten years.”

Mr Farage, who has been an MEP for 15 years, receives a salary of around £75,000 as well as travel expenses, a subsistence allowance of €304 (£238) a day when he is in Brussels or Strasbourg, and medical insurance.

In addition to his income from the European Parliament, Mr Farage channels fees for media appearances and lectures through a personal service company called Thorn in the Side Limited which made a profit of £45,488 in 2012/2013, bringing his total annual earnings to more than £100,000.

He has previously held shares in a city trading firm, Farage Limited, which paid out £969,000 in dividends to his brother and he has apologised for “an error” in setting up a trust in the Isle of Man in 2003 in a bid to reduce his family’s inheritance tax bills. He has said he did not avoid or evade any tax.

Mr Farage is driven around the country in a luxury 4x4 paid for out of a £60,000-a-year chauffeur allowance provided by the party since September last year, as revealed by The Times this week. Ukip

This is not the sort of lifestyle enjoyed by my constituents who, I think will be hard-pressed to find any sympathy for his dilemma.
Far from making a financial sacrifice, he had to go into politics because he was running out of openings for employment in iffy City firms.
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