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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Story of the week

Meanwhile the Sun has this:

Animal welfare groups are prosecuting a porn film maker after she used her CAT in a bondage film.

Zorro, five, was trussed up and hoisted in the air with his legs dangling as film-maker Hera Delgado whispers: “Good boy, good boy, you’re enjoying this aren’t you?”

International animal welfare group PETA is now taking legal action against Delgado, 34, of Berlin, who has gone into hiding to escape possible repercussions from cat lovers.

Ms Delgado is convinced that the cat enjoyed it:

Delgado, who has made scores of sado-masochism and bondage films, claimed the decision to use Zorro was “spontaneous”.

She added: “The clip had no sexual component, it was not a perverse thing. It was not animal cruelty. He purred the whole time.”

A prison term is clearly not a sufficient punishment.
I would love to know Susan Calman's reaction to this story. See https://twitter.com/susancalman/status/300899726042230784 for further explanation!
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