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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Lagoon announcement shows the benefit of having Liberal Democrats in government

Today's announcement that the Swansea Bay lagoon will be included in the National Infrastructure Plan,is great news and shows the effect of having a Liberal Democrat Energy Minister.

The proposed lagoon will bring a massive economic boost for Swansea and surrounding areas. It is hoped that the project will produce a huge amount of local jobs and could well generate millions of pounds in the region.

It has been said that the lagoon could potentially provide power for 120,000 homes for 120 years. That is incredibly exciting and why I hope that this project gets the go-ahead.

With its huge coastline, there is potential for a number of lagoons in Wales. Hopefully this major announcement will be stepping stone for further projects like it.”
Is that also the case with the pro-fracking and pro-nuclear policies the UK Govt is hellbent on backing. Or are you cherrypicking as usual Peter?
I personally have no problem with nuclear power. As for fracking I am opposed to this and will continue to highlight it as wrong. There is no cheery-picking there, just me honestly saying what I believe.
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