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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Clegg - A force for good

Over at the Telegraph, Dan Hodges assesses Nick Clegg's seven years as leader of the Liberal Democrats and concludes:

But let’s step back and look for a moment at the New World Clegg has had a hand in shaping through his own eyes. He has lead his party into government. He has proved that coalition government can be stable. He has neutralised the more extreme instincts of his coalition partners. He has helped guide his country to a place of relative social and economic safety. I’ve been one of Clegg’s fiercest critics. 

As I wrote recently, he is no Gladstone or Lloyd-George. But looking at his record in the round, it’s impossible to escape the conclusion that Nick Clegg has delivered for his party, and delivered on the objectives he set himself seven years, and a lifetime, ago.
"Seven tears as leader"? I think there will be more than that after May.Or did you mean years?
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