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Monday, December 01, 2014

A target culture

The Western Mail reports today on demands by WWF Cymru that the the Welsh Government to legislate for statutory climate targets for Wales.

As useful as this may prove to be I am not sure how it will help, especially as many of the powers needed to cut emissions are not devolved to the Assembly.

The Welsh Government can actually do quite a lot to meet the target of a 40% cut in emissions, but without UK-wide and international action the impact of their efforts will be limited.

Still, it would be nice to give the Future of Generations Bill some real teeth.
Hello Peter.

Regarding our call for statutory Welsh climate targets, you might be interested to read Jessica McQuade's piece on Click on Wales in July as well as Haf Elgar's piece from September. These set out the rationale for needing these targets.

And yes, we do need a strong Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill!

Richard Nosworthy, Media and Campaigns Officer, WWF Cymru.
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