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Friday, November 28, 2014

Politics of personality

The problem with elected Mayors, Commissioners etc. is that they turn the job into a personality contest. That is particularly the case with the London Mayor and that trend does not look like changing with all the parties seeking big personalities to represent them at the next election for that role.

In that regard this Times story that Jeremy Paxman was asked to see David Cameron about becoming the Tory candidate for mayor of London is not really surprising. Nor is Paxman's response:

However, the former Newsnight anchorman said in response to the story in today’s Times that he had decided not to run for the post “for all the éclairs in Paris”.

Mr Paxman’s literary agency, Capel and Land, released a statement from him. It said: “It began life as a Boris Johnson joke. I was indeed approached about the gig and invited to see David Cameron to discuss the idea.

“I decided a week ago that I wouldn’t take it on for all the éclairs in Paris.”

Clearly, Mr. Paxman takes himself seriously. He is a man of substance. In that regard it is depressing that he will not consider running, but nowhere near as depressing as the fact that he was asked to run because he is a 'big name' rather than for his other attributes.
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