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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

No alcohol on the Welsh Assembly estate

Today's Western Mail finally catches up with a ruling by the Assembly's Presiding Officer that the sale of alcohol should be banned from all Assembly premises before 6pm on working days.

The most bizarre aspect of the announcement however is the reaction of one Assembly Member, who says that he does not want to be named for fear of being branded a tippler.

This individual described the decision as “impertinent” and a “breach of human rights”, and vowed to carry on drinking moderately at lunchtime elsewhere in Cardiff Bay

That sentence is disturbing on so many levels, not least the misunderstanding of the Human Rights Act by an elected full-time politician and the idea that he has a right to buy alcohol even when the licensee does not wish to sell it to him.

The big question that springs to mind though is how does he have so much time to go out drinking at lunchtime? I certainly don't even if I were partial to a drink, which I am not.

This sort of attitude just reinforces the rightness of the decision not to serve alcohol in our workplace in working hours.
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