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Thursday, October 16, 2014

What was on television on the day you were born?

The BBC have a rather disturbing website that enables you to look back through old editions of Radio Times and find out what was on TV the day you were born.

I was born on a Saturday so there is a lot of sport in my case and we are talking about just the two TV channels and three radio channels. How did we cope?

The highlights which my mother missed that day include Grandstand, The Range Rider, something called 'Garry Halliday' (that weeks' episode was appropriately entitled 'The Outcast'), Juke Box Jury (of course), Dixon of Dock Green, a western series called 'Laramie', The Jimmy Logan Show (who?) Saturday Playhouse presents The Difficult Age (what else?), Sports Special and an Italian Song Contest to lead us into the test card.

Kids today don't know what they were missing.
I was rather disturbed by the fact that I could instantly recall the faces of the stars of "Laramie" and "Garry Halliday" on reading your post. What their names were is another matter ...
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