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Friday, October 17, 2014

Welsh Tory leader has his knuckles rapped?

Wednesday saw all meetings in the Senedd cancelled due to strike action by some staff. The Tories were naturally perturbed by this and took to YouTube to protest that this would never happen in Scotland, Northern Ireland or Westminster.

The tweet advertising the video is still there but the video itself has been taken down.

Perhaps the reason lies in this e-mail sent by the Chief Executive to all Assembly Members the next day:

Members are reminded that filming must not take place in the Siambr without express permission in advance from the Assembly Commission Media Relations Team. Filming that is allowed must relate to a Member carrying out their duties as an Assembly Member. It must never be party political in nature and must not bring the Assembly, or its Members generally, into disrepute. Any use of the Siambr that fails to take account of these points may breach the Code of Conduct for Assembly Members
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