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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Wales UKIP MEP commits faux pas with public money

The Western Mail contains a short report today in which Wales' UKIP MEP, Nathan Gill responds to criticism that he is unavailable to the public.

They report that the newly launched Wales Yearbook Online says on its front page that "Mystery surrounds Nathan Gill UKIP MEP for Wales. Elected May 2014, he has no office, website or published contact details."

In response Mr. Gill says that he has been waiting for UKIP to establish their target seats in Wales before opening an office: "We've now come to a decision that Alyn and Deesside is one of our best prospects and we have therefore opened an office at 50 Chester Road, Shotton on Monday. We will soon be opening an office in South Wales too, again in a target seat."

So UKIP will be using public money to establish a campaigning base to win parliamentary seats. I admire his honesty but really, that is not how you are meant to use this cash. It is meant to facilitate Mr. Gill's work as an MEP not his party's political aims.
Can it please be explained in far more detail please...What exact money are you talking about? And do you have any links that I can trace as to amounts and exact origins. Could it be considered that the money could be coming from the new very generous investors to UKIP. Thank you. Very difficult to sign in here so Ive clicked the Anon button... However I am C Westbrook
I am referring to public money given to elected representatives to establish constituency offices and employ staff.
Hi Peter,
Sounds like something UKIP would do... Was the article that Gill was quoted in published in the Western Mail? I can´t find it anywhere online but would really like to read it. Thanks, James.

Yes it was but I could never find an online version either
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