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Monday, October 13, 2014

Teachers treat Labour shadow education secretary with contempt he deserves

The Independent reports that teachers have been posting a series of parody oaths online in response to shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt's suggestion of a "Hippocratic oath" for those in the profession.

The Labour MP believes that a public oath for teachers would emphasise the "moral calling and the noble profession of teaching".

However, a number of parody oaths have now started to appear on Twitter under the hashtag #teacheroath, many mocking the suggestion. Some of the examples are:

#teacheroath I swear to follow education policies thought up by people with no relevant experience apart from the fact they went to school.

I pledge to work 60 hour weeks before I'm forced out with complete exhaustion #teacheroath

But the one that sums it up is: #teacheroath Who would be a teacher if they didn't have commitment to the job. Hardly a well paid walk in the park.

Who would have thought that Tristram Hunt could give politicians an even worse reputation than they do already?
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