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Friday, October 24, 2014

Ed Miliband under fire again

It is almost as if the Labour Party cannot help itself; today's Telegraph says that Len McCluskey, Unite's General Secretary, becomes latest senior Labour figure to give a less than glowing account of Mr Miliband's leadership since the party's annual conference:

"I'm not sure the last time we had a laugh to be blunt, and I don't really know him well enough to say that I like him."

"Yeah, any talk about is he the right guy, it really doesn't enter into our vocabulary. You know Ed, and I hope this doesn't happen, could get run over by a bus tomorrow, it really wouldn't matter who takes his place."

"No, what matters is the policies. You know we've been saying this to Ed since he became elected. Labour have got to show they're on the side of ordinary, working people.

"If he does that, he'll be the next prime minster. If he fails to do that, then of course, he'll be defeated and he'll be replaced as the leader."

The paper goes on to list other senior Labour figures who have been critical of their leader, including John Prescott, Frank Field and Jack Straw. With friends like that.....
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