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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Rubber ducks cause chaos

Story of the day comes from the South Wales Evening Post who report that some 100 rubber ducks wrought havoc on the roads yesterday morning, when the boat trailer they were travelling in opened while on the move.

The ducks were scattered across a 0.25 mile stretch of the A4042 at Llanellen. They had been on their way to the Monmouthshire, Brecon and Abergavenney Canal Trust’s annual duck race in Llangyndir:

69-year-old Tony Pugh was part of the team that rescued the ducks: “I can laugh now but earlier I had to run down the road kicking the ducks to the side and then collecting them,” he told a local newspaper.

It took Mr Pugh around an hour to collect all the ducks but, he said, “A car pulled up and a child nicked a few so we've lost some."
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