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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Advancing the green agenda

As the Assembly Commissioner responsible for the Parliamentary estate and sustainability I am delighted at the progress that we have been able to make in this area.

As this article points out the National Assembly for Wales is set to meet tough targets to reduce its energy emissions by 40 per cent by 2015.

The latest figures, published in the Assembly’s Annual Report, reveal that the Assembly has achieved a 34 per cent reduction in energy emissions since the base year 2008/09. During the same period the Assembly has also achieved a 29 per cent reduction in net greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the energy emission and carbon reduction targets outlined above, the assembly has also achieved a:13.4 per cent reduction in overall business travel emissions since 2008/09;62 per cent reduction in the last year of waste being sent to landfill, nearing the zero landfill waste target; and 57 per cent reduction in waste emissions compared to last year.

The Carbon Trust has identified that this is an excellent standard of performance within the Welsh public sector.

We have much more work to do however. We have commissioned further technical and specialist support and this has resulted in the production of a Carbon Reduction Route Map with new challenging targets, requiring a further 30 per cent emissions reduction up until 2021.
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