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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

UKIP hypocrisy and their Labour allies

The new UKIP MEP for Wales, Nathan Gill must be a little red-faced today after it was revealed in the Western Mail (courtesy of a Welsh blog)  that he employed “dozens” of eastern European and Filipino workers in a care company:

It has emerged that Mr Gill, who lives in Anglesey, was a director of a number of family businesses that owned property and provided care services on contract to Hull City Council in Yorkshire.

He yesterday confirmed he had employed “dozens” of immigrants from new EU countries like Poland and others from the Phillipines. He also said he had provided “bunkhouse” accommodation for employees and others who had migrated from eastern Europe.

One of Ukip’s major campaign policies at the recent election was its opposition to unlimited migration from other EU countries.

Mr Gill said: “We employed people from overseas because we could not find local workers to do the jobs. We had a care home of our own, but mostly our workers were employed on home care contracts we had with Hull City Council and other organisations. The workers were paid more than the minimum wage, but not massively more.

“The amount we could afford to pay was determined by the amount of money we received from the council.

“Working in care is quite tough and we had a big turnover of staff. The bunkhouses were temporary accommodation we offered to people coming from overseas until they could get something more permanent. We charged £50 a week inclusive of electricity to people who would be earning between £200 and £300 a week. I wish I had that proportion of spending money left after paying my mortgage.”

A Labour spokesperson is quoted as suggesting Mr. Gill's actions are hypocritical: “That Nathan Gill cannot see the hypocrisy of his actions is totally unbelievable. This is hugely embarrassing for him given only two weeks after he was elected on an anti-immigration platform.

“Having made a living on the backs of cheap labour from eastern Europe it is utterly shameful for him to then stand on a populist platform and decry immigration in an attempt to get elected. Rather than pretend he’s done nothing wrong, Nathan Gill should publicly apologise for his behaviour.”

Personally, I welcome the fact that our new UKIP MEP has recognised the value of migrant workers to the economy and to maintaining the viability of local businesses. No doubt he will use his own personal experiences to moderate the rhetoric of his leader and to change his party's policy.

Meanwhile, Labour who are quite rightly critical of UKIP and also of the need for the Westminster coalition so as to secure stable government in 2010, have entered into a pact of their own. The BBC report that Conservatives have taken control of Portsmouth City Council with the support of Labour and UKIP.

Yet another unholy alliance and a case of do what I say, not what I do.
I am sorry that you have sought to drag the Labour Party into a story about UKIP's only MEP for Wales. It was the Labour Party which most fiecely opposed UKIP here in Aberconwy, at least, when there was a noticeable absence of any LibDem campaigners to speak up for Europe and against UKIP.

In my view, it is time for Nathan Gill to resign, in view of what has been revealed.
If you read to the end of the blogpost you will see that Labour positioned themselves firmly in the centre of this issue by their actions in voting with UKIP to put the Tories in power in Portsmouth. The Lib Dems were active across Wales putting the case for Europe.
I did read to the end of the blog, and I think the link is very tenuous. I'm afraid you are wrong in suggesting that the Lib Dems were active across Wales putting the case for Europe. I have it on good authority from LibDems that this was not the case. Your troops, if you have any left, were not out, and the case for Europe on the doorstep and outside colleges was left to the Labour Party. I suspect you really know that.

Having said that, I enjoy your blog - honestly.
It is a perfectly fair comment. The two pieces are not meant to be linked. I can assure you that the Lib Dems were making the case for Europe all over Wales though predominantly on the airwaves.
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