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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Roaming in the countryside on the phone

The Telegraph suggests that the UK Government is going to act to force a very simple reform onto mobile phone companies that will reduce the number of blackspots across the country.

They say that Ministers are in talks with mobile phone operators about asking them to share mobile phone masts to increase coverage in rural areas. More importantly, Sajid Javid, the Culture, Media and Sport secretary, wants mobile phone firms to introduce national roaming for users in the UK.

This change in policy is being driven by changes in the European Union which will bring in free roaming from 2016. Proof to the sceptics that Europe does have major benefits.

The paper says that unless action is taken foreign visitors will be able to come to the UK and benefit from free roaming, whilst people living in the UK cannot. The driving force behind the initiative though should be improving the service for domestic customers.

This is just common sense. I can go abroad and access a mobile phone signal wheresoever I am. Why should I not be able to do the same in the UK?
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