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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More UKIP hypocrisy

Following on from my piece a few days ago regarding Welsh UKIP MEP Nathan Gill's former employment of migrants in his businesses, the Hull Daily Mail has a new angle.

They have spoken to a woman who was formerly employed by Mr. Gill, alongside migrant workers, who claims that he treated them better than his British staff:

Mr Gill charged some migrant workers £50 a week to share a room with five other people while they worked for him. 

 The woman, who asked not to be named, said staff worked 70 hours a week but were only paid £180. 

But she insisted many people from Hull were willing to work for Mr Gill and his mother Elaine. 

Some of the migrant workers from Eastern Europe and the Philippines lived in "bunkhouse" accommodation provided by Mr Gill in one large property in Holderness Road, east Hull. 

Reports have claimed up to 46 people were housed there on occasions, with six bunk beds in some of the rooms.

Which claim will be the most embarrassing for Mr. Gill? That he has treated migrants better than his British staff or that he employed them in preference to recruiting locally?

It seems both would contradict the basic raison d'etre of UKIP.
The people in north Wales I have spoken to about this matter are amazed that UKIP does not seem to have checked their candidates before the election. Did they have an application form as a basis for discussion at interview? Were there interviews? Was the killer question asked, "Is there anything in your past which, if revealed, would bring UKIP into disrepute?"

It is curious that we have hearn nothing on the emerging stories from the MEP himself.

If Farage were any kind of leader, he would dismiss Nathan Gill from his party. The silence from Messrs Farage and Gill tells a story by itself.
Farage can't just dismiss him out of hand without concrete evidence. This now appears to have surfaced, but Farage will still have to conduct an internal investigation. In his position I would not make this public.

Were was our national press in this matter? The Daily Post and Western Mail are no better than the glossies you find at the doctors waiting room, but BBC Wales should have done some proper invrestigative journalism. That IS their job after all, and Wales is only providing a measly 4 MEPs. They managed enough general coverage of the UKIP ...
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