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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ed 'Harry Potter' Miliband and the owl service

The Labour press team said that their twitter account had been hacked, but whatever the reason their suggestion that everybody should have their own owl seems to have hit the spot.

The Times reports that it was the news many had been waiting for in the owl-fancying community, although few could see quite how Mr Miliband would live up to the promise given the relative inelasticity of owl numbers compared with, say, mice or rabbits.

Suddenly, Ed Miliband had been transformed from Wallace and Gromit to the world of Harry Potter. He now had an effective means of communication, an answer to broadband blackspots and a magical touch that might sweep him into number 10 Downing Street.

What a shame that the press team had to ruin it by denying it was official Labour policy.

Ed Miliband is bringing his whole cabinet to Wales today for a joint meeting with Welsh Ministers. Somebody should present him with a copy of an appropriate novel set in modern Wales.
Or 'ow lean was my valley?

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