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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Danny Alexander sets out the stakes on Europe

The Telegraph reports that the Liberal Democrats Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander is set to annoy some Conservatives by unveiling an official government analysis that shows that more than three million British jobs would be at risk if Britain leaves the European Union:

Mr Alexander’s intervention could lead to a major Coalition row and is part of continued Lib Dem attempts to differentiate themselves from the Tories ahead of the next election. 

Speaking in Washington today, Mr Alexander will say: “When the focus is on jobs, and growth, and wider risks we take with our prosperity through isolation then the argument can and will be won. 

“Indeed, the latest Treasury analysis shows that 3.3 million British jobs are connected to Britain’s place in Europe. That is the measure of the risk that isolationists would have us take.” 

It is understood the Treasury analysis was carried out in the last few weeks. The jobs are in vital British industries including manufacturing, it is understood.

The paper suggests that some Eurosceptics may be upset by this analysis because it upsets their views that Britain could prosper outside of the EU. Unfortunately for them, the facts do not back that case.
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