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Monday, June 09, 2014

A parting shot from Peter Hain

He may be standing down at the next election but Peter Hain still has the ability to grab headlines. This time he is rubbing his party leader's nose in it with a throwaway remark that implies that voters do not see Ed Miliband as a potential Prime Minister.

According to the Telegraph, Mr Hain told Sky News that voters will realise that Mr Miliband is the right person to lead the country once he was in Downing Street "even if maybe they don't see that at the moment".

The paper interprets his remarks as suggesting he believes voters "don't see" Ed Miliband as a Prime Minister and that Labour will struggle to achieve an outright victory in next year's general election after he added that it was "very, very hard" for the party to win a majority.

Maybe that is why he is standing down.
All the more reason for him to stay on, I would have thought. He could present himself as the saviour of the party to whom the faithful must turn after the general election failure.
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