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Monday, May 19, 2014

UKIP candidate wants to hang his rivals (and some of his voters)

If Nigel Farage is really wondering why it is that the media are only interested in the idiots in UKIP, then the answer lies here. There are just so many idiots that it is difficult to focus anywhere else.

In this particular instance, a UKIP council candidate has circulated a letter around his ward advocating that politicians from Britain’s three main political parties should be hanged and their voters tried for treason.

The Telegraph say that Gordon Ferguson delivered a letter to prospective voters in which he claimed that Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians have committed Britain to “slavery inside the EU dictatorship” and should be punished by death. Anybody who votes for those parties is “guilty by association of treason against our nation”, he added:

Mr Ferguson wrote: “The Lib-Lab-Cons have conspired with a foreign power, the EU, and are all thereby guilty of treason. They have sold Britain, which is the fifth largest economy, illegally into increasing slavery inside the EU dictatorship. Those responsible should be hung by the neck until dead.”

He went on: “As likely as not, however, they will never be brought to account because our senior police, Crown Prosecution Service and judges are almost all exclusively freemasons, and Britain’s courts have been utterly corrupt for many years. They are almost all in the pocket of the EU.

Mr Ferguson, who is running for Cambridge ward in Southport, Lancashire, added: “If you vote for any of the three Lib- Lab- Con- parties you will be aiding and abetting them and you will also be guilty by association of treason against our nation. No-one should knowingly support a corrupt organisation.”

The letter complains of a plot between the three main parties, the European Union, the banks, the energy companies and local councils to "impoverish us and reduce our ability to resist".

The death penalty for treason was abolished in 1998 of course but we shouldn't allow small details to get in the way of a little megalomania and more than a touch of paranoia.

Meanwhile in Liverpool, a UKIP Council candidate has called for Russian militia to be shipped into Britain to “clean up our city centres”.

The Liverpool Echo reports that Austin Lucas, who is standing in Cressington ward in this Thursday’s local elections, has also joined his Leader, Nigel Farage is heaping praise on Russian president Vladimir Putin, saying: “At least he loves his country":

Mr Lucas’s comments are among a series of bizarre statements made on Facebook by UKIP council candidates in Liverpool.

Enid Lindsay, who is standing in Fazakerley , called voters “idiots”, while Clubmoor’s Paul Forrest claimed “racism is a natural outcome of evolution” and said the Catholic church is “far more dangerous” than the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

Meanwhile John Halvorsen, a candidate in Everton , lists the Liverpool division of the far-right English Defence League among his “likes” on Facebook. He is also a member of an online group called “Was Enoch Powell Right?”.

No wonder Nigel Farage is exasperated. This is the real UKIP after all.

Update: Just so that they can claim a full set, UKIP have also acquired a holocaust-denier. The SWNS news site reports on views posted in Mrs Anna-Marie Crampton’s name on a conspiracy theory website called ‘Secrets of The Fed’.

Just so I can get the guilt by association reference in, Mrs Crampton posed with UKIP leader Nigel Farrage at a rally in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, two weeks ago, and proudly posted a photo on her Facebook page. She is standing for UKIP in next week’s county council elections in the traditionally Conservative ward of Crowborough in East Sussex, so she is an approved candidate:

The comments in her name are part of an online discussion of an article entitled ‘Was Pope Benedict fired by the Knights of Malta?’ which is on website called Secrets of The Fed.

This is how they appear in full:

‘The Second World Wide War was engineered by the Zionist jews and financed by the banksters to make the general public all over the world to feel so guilty and outraged by the Holocaust that a treaty would be signed to create the State of Israel as we know it today. By the way, Holocaust means a sacrifice by fire. Only the Zionists could sacrifice their own in the gas chambers. No others, since you and I cannot sacrifice that which is not ours. I am anti Zionist, not antisemit. I love the true Israel and the Jews, but I love the son and daughters of Ihsmel, who are also the children of Abraham. We need to defend Palestine by joining the true Jews…. thanks go to Alan Schiller for this info.’

And in second posting adds:

‘The Rothschilds are Zionists..there is a difference between Jews and Zionists. These Psychopaths hide behind and use the Jews. It was thanks to them that 6 million Jews were murdered in the War (along with 26 million Russians!). Read the Protocols of Zion, all you need to know is in there and it’s in their own words.’
See the full text here:
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