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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The high cost of independence

More evidence this morning in the Telegraph of just how unsustainable an independent Scotland would be.

The paper quotes a 'comprehensive' Treasury analysis that found that the state pension would be less affordable in an independent Scotland unless it could attract almost half a million more immigrants.
Civil servants have calculated that Scotland would need the population increase over the next 20 years – the equivalent of a city the size of Edinburgh – because there are fewer workers north of the Border paying taxes to fund each OAP’s pension.

A separate Scotland would have to more than treble its projected annual net migration from 7,000 to 24,000 if the funding gap relative to the UK was to be closed, it said.

Without a steep increase in immigration, actuaries have warned that each worker would have to pay hundreds of pounds more in tax to make good the shortfall.

No doubt the SNP have allowed for this in their calculations.

Charming to see that some people still believe what the Treasury says in relation to the Scottish independence referendum. Bless.

Phil Davies
How many times does this have to be discredited before you accept that it's a load of rubbish?

Glyn Erasmus.
Has it been discredited? I think not.
Peter I refer you to Wings over Scotland" Who comprehensively destroy this article


But I suppose you just think its Nat propoganda
I would not agree that the blog piece you refer to comprehensively destroys the article. It puts it into context. The premise of the article remains true. They do not dispute that. And as I say in my final sentence it may well be that the SNP have a solution.
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