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Thursday, May 08, 2014

More UKIP hypocrisy

We are all used to hypocrisy from UKIP but the latest example takes it to a new height. After it transpired that despite their rhetoric regarding immigrants taking British jobs, most UKIP MEPs were employing non-British nationals, it has been discovered that the party are happy to extend that dispensation into other areas of their work.

The Independent report that the company used by UKIP to distribute party literature employs mostly workers who are originally from Eastern Europe and have moved to Britain in search of work:

MPs from UKIPs opposition parties have spoken out against the irony of a situation where a political party who repeatedly warns of the danger of European immigrants taking British jobs employing those very people they warn against.

Gavin Barwell the MP for Croydon Central, an area in which Fast Leaflet operates, said that you “couldn’t make it up” and that UKIP’s "hypocrisy had no bounds."

This is just another one in a long list of controversies that have surrounded the UKIP party in recent times.

The party came under fire last month when it was found that a poster which was intended to depict an out of work builder was in fact an Irish actor Dave O’Rourke who had recently starred in a film.

Just two weeks ago, Nigel Farage received a lot of criticism when he said that no one apart from his German wife could cope with the “long-hours” and “low pay.”

So what does it take exactly to burst this bubble?
It's high time that UKIP's opponents sought to cut off some of its oxygen supply. Nigel Farage is all over the media at the moment. The so called 'establishment' parties are giving him and UKIP far too much attention. No publicity is bad publicity, so they say.

The coverage of UKIP has been massively disproportionate.  I expect balanced coverage of elections by the broadcast media. This is a legal requirement, but if the other parties continue to be obsessive over UKIP in everything they say or do, the media has little choice other than to report it.

Every time Farage is challenged on this donor, that fruitcake, that racist, their hypocricy he uses the airtime to hit home his core message on immigration and the EU’s influence over domestic affairs. Whether we disagree with him or not, that core message resonates with a large tranche of the electorate.

Let’s lay off Nigel and his friends, not for his sake, but for the sake of the country.
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