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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Reports that police have begun inquiry into Ukip finances

The Times reports that the police are investigating claims of “financial irregularities” at Ukip. They say that the Metropolitan Police hve confimed that they are looking into a series of allegations made against Nigel Farage’s party by Jasna Badzak, a former Ukip press officer and parliamentary candidate:

David Manning, an acting detective superintendent at Scotland Yard, outlined five claims that he intends to investigate in an e-mail sent to Ms Badzak last week. They include financial irregularities “regarding the funding of the party” as well as a number of other allegations made against individuals associated with Ukip.

It is understood that Mr Manning has already interviewed at least one person named in connection with the complaints. A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said that no arrests had been made.

Mr Farage already faces an official inquiry into allegations that Ukip may have breached parliamentary rules by using taxpayers’ money to fund its political operations.

It is common of course for many to assume that an investigation implies guilt.That is not the case. Nevertheless the timing of these particular inquiries could have been better for UKIP.
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