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Friday, April 25, 2014

More embarrassment for UKIP as 'poster boy' suspended

News yesterday indicates that star of Ukip’s latest political broadcast has been suspended from the party after claiming Ed Miliband is “not British”.

In what is being billed as a major embarrassment to Nigel Farage, Andre Lampitt, a Zimbabwean decorator and kitchen fitter who appeared in the party’s television broadcast, posted a string of "repellent" messages online.

Amongst his claims are Africans should “kill themselves off”, Islam is “evil” and Nigerians are “bad people”:

Mr Lampitt, who describes himself as “Born British in Rhodesia” and speaks with a Zimbabwean accent, was filmed on a building site wearing a hard hat in Tuesday’s television broadcast. 

He warned EU migrants are undercutting natives’ wages, saying: “Since the lads from Eastern Europe are prepared to work for a lot less than anybody else, I've found it a real struggle.” He was wearing the shirt of his company, Kamina Kawena Services. 

Messages on his Twitter account described the Prophet Mohammed as a “pedo” and say Islam is “an evil organisation respecting a prophet who was a pedo [sic].” He said Ed Miliband, the son of a Jewish refugee, is “Polish and not British”. 

One message read: “Miliband is not a real Brit. I hope he never gets to be PM! He was only born here.” He added: “I believe in being British. It is earned through generations of existence not through birth.” 

Another message read: “I was born and grew up in Africa. Please leave Africa for the Africans. Let them kill themselves off.” 

Another said: “Most Nigerians are generally bad people.” Another message said: “Enoch Powell was right!”

UKIP of course have moved quickly to disassociate themselves from this individual but really it is a bit late. This is not some random member who has gone off the rails but somebody who was singled out to be the face of UKIP on a party political broadcast.

Alas, I suspect that even this latest faux pas will have little impact on Farage's bandwagon in the lead up to the 22 May poll.
It will be interesting to hear what Farage has to say for himself when his election caravan hits Swansea on 30th April.
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