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Monday, April 28, 2014

Five facts about immigration

Update: More information here.

Medical staff from abroad in my opinion are much better, they have more attention to detail and one get's a more sympathetic service. West Wales hospitals would not run without them
Though I cannot agree about immigration and employment. Simple common sense reasoning will demonstrate that more going for the job, decreases the chance of one obtaining it.
Maybe some guys on the ground should be doing the report such as jobseekers, it seem more logical than guys stuck in offices with a political agenda to adhere to and taxpayer's dollars to reap in making a report those who pull the strings of power want to hear
Let's hope one individuals opinions can be seen as just that, nothing more or nothing less and not used for political volleyball where I am not allowed to join in!
You speak as though there are a finite number of jobs, not a growing number because of economically active immigrants. They don't just take jobs, they also provide them.
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