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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Deepening divisions within Welsh Conservative Assembly Group

Today's Western Mail reports on the deepening divisions within the Welsh Conservative Assembly Group following the fall out over a vote on tax-varying powers.

The paper says that North Wales AM Antoinette Sandbach, who was sacked after defying her group leader in a vote over the devolution of income tax powers to Wales, has made a formal complaint to the party about the behaviour towards her over the issue of a fellow Tory AM.

She has claimed that Clwyd West AM, Darren Millar put unreasonable pressure on her to back the position taken by Andrew RT Davies and has put in a formal complaint to the Board of the Welsh Conservatives. The article does not go into any detail as to what constitutes 'unreasonable pressure'.

The continuing row keeps the issue of Andrew R.T. Davies' leadership in the spotlight and once more underlines how dysfunctional the main opposition group is within the Assembly.
The dislocation is between Tory politicians in Wales and their voters. Look at the Yougov poll which asked about the devolution of tax raising powers to Wales....71% of Tory voters were against that devolution in any form.
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