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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

More trouble for Miliband

I am sure you will forgive me if I indulge in some displacement activity and talk about the internal problems of another political party rather than dwell on what is going on in the Liberal Democrats.

The Times reports that Ed Miliband has been told to clamp down on Labour in-fighting after he was forced to defend his Shadow Chancellor against anonymous sniping.

The paper says that the Labour leader has insisted that Ed Balls was not facing the sack before the election whilst a senior Labour figure warned that the “real issue” was not the Shadow Chancellor but “the lack of a real plan for the election”:

The party insider said that Mr Miliband’s relaxed approach reflected an eagerness not to return to the “command and control” style of leadership espoused in the days of new Labour. However, he warned that “there is no grip and no direction just a whole lot of separate spheres of influence”.

He added: “The issue of what to do about Balls is probably about issue ten in the list of things that need sorting out. The leader’s office is like the Tardis, it’s difficult to get into and no one knows how it works.”

That does not bode well for the main opposition party.

All the more idiotic then that the Lib Dems are presently tearing each other apart over the Rennard affair. They have become a laughing stock, which is much worse than being hated.
By the way, just because something is in the Times doesn't mean that it is true, the Murdoch Press is not known for its fairness or impartiality, especially to someone like Miliband who had the guts to stand up to their nasty bullying.
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