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Friday, January 10, 2014

Investing in local post offices

The BBC report that more than 6,000 branches of the Post Office are to be revamped by the government in the next three years.

They say that an investment programme costing £1.34 billion will modernise the sub-branches, which will then be styled as either main or local branches.

These local branches will typically be situated in convenience stores, which will mean longer opening hours and modern fittings for customers at the revamped branches. The remaining 5,500 sub-branches will stay as they are.

The BBC add that of the new modernised branches, 4,000 will be designated as main and 2,000 as local. A pilot programme for the conversions, covering 227 converted sub- branches, is already underway.

The Coalition has pledged that they will not repeat the Post Office closure programme of the previous Labour Government. This unprecedented investment is being led by a Liberal Democrat Minister and is a clear indication of our influence.
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