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Saturday, January 18, 2014

How it might have been

The Police Commissioner for South Wales, Alun Michael is all over today's South Wales Evening Post calling for changes to the formula that determines how much he has to spend each year.

Mr. Michael points out that because of the way the system works, instead of receiving the full amount a formula says is needed to police South Wales appropriately, a significant amount is taken and allocated to other forces to give them a minimum amount of funding:

He said: "This year, we have lost £9million because of this practice.

"I have been given assurances that this will be considered when the funding formula is reviewed but the earliest this will happen is 2016-17. "Until then, our funding situation will get worse and worse. The funding formula for the police service is long overdue for review, and I advise Ministers to look at this as a matter of urgency, and not something to be ignored.

There is also the case that Edinburgh and London receive additional sums because they are capital cities but Cardiff does not. On both of these issues I agree with Alun Michael. It has been the case for some time, and in the past the Welsh Assembly and its Ministers have made representations to have the formula changed.

The big question though is why Alun Michael, when he was a Home Office Minister, did not change the formula himself?
yeah, but London and Edinburgh were supposed to be capitals, Cardiff was never meant to be
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