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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Another missed Welsh Government target

The Western Mail reports that a Welsh Government programme to boost small-scale renewable energy generation and create jobs in Wales is unlikely to achieve its targets.

They say that according to the mid-term evaluation halfway through the Ynni’r Fro programme it is falling well short of its initial expectations:

The authors write that “achievement against the targets for energy generation, reductions in greenhouse emissions and job creation has been minimal to date.”

In the Convergence region for example, against a generation target of 31 gigawatt hours (Gwh) no energy had been generated by September last year, and no jobs created against a target of 20.

In the Competitiveness region too no energy had yet been generated against a target of 3.1 Gwh, and no jobs created against a target of two.

The authors write: “The comments of stakeholders indicate this is an accurate reflection of progress ‘on the ground’. There was a general scepticism that these targets will be met by the end of the programme.”

Sometimes I wonder why this Welsh government sets targets at all.
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