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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A non Rennard-related rant

Why is the media obsessed with the alleged influence of political spouses?  I ask this because of the nonsense story in one national newspaper that Nick Clegg was forced to act over Chris Rennard because of pressure from his wife.

Miriam González Durántez has now been forced to deny this story saying that she did not even know the four women whose statements formed the basis of the inquiry report on Chris Rennard:

She added: “I think that by now you would know that I’m the kind of woman that doesn’t influence in the shadows. If I ever wanted to say something I would say that openly and publicly … My opinions about the political issues of the day I keep them to myself.”

And why would anybody think she would act any differently?
As we all know, Peter, what the media does not know, they will make up, and they don't care whose name they dirty in the process. So if the media stories belittle a front runner, then the media will take great pleasure in exaggerating the story they have made up.
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