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Friday, December 20, 2013

Welsh Water have campaign of the week

An e-mail arrives from Welsh Water inviting me to send out a standard press release for their latest campaign, trying to prevent blocked sewers over Christmas:

Don’t let blocked sewers ruin your Christmas

[INSERT AMs NAME] backs Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s Let’s Stop the Block campaign

As Christmas approaches, [INSERT AMs NAME] is backing Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s Let’s Stop the Block campaign in a special effort to avoid festive misery for people in [INSERT CONSTITUENCY NAME].

Blocked sewers are a major problem across Wales which costs Welsh Water over £7 million pounds a year to clear. They cause huge human misery, damage to homes and businesses, and can pollute our beautiful rivers, beaches and wider environment. The Let’s Stop the Block campaign aims to transform customers’ behaviours when it comes to putting things down the toilet and disposing of fat, oils and grease.

[INSERT AMs NAME] said: “Flooding from blocked sewers can have a devastating effect on our homes, our streets and the wider environment. I’m pleased to be backing this campaign as we try to ensure that [INSERT CONSTITUENCY NAME] has the cleanest environment possible and residents don’t have to suffer the misery of blockages in their homes. I’d encourage all my constituents to join me in pledging to do their bit to keep our homes and communities free from blockages at www.LetsStopTheBlock.com”

This is a very serious issue of course, highlighting the danger of too much Christmas turkey. Please take note.

Update: Inevitably at least one Assembly Member used the model press release
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