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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hitting them where it hurts?

The Times reports that a new code of conduct for the House of Lords is proposing to extend the sanctions that are available to use against those peers who misbehave.

The paper says that at the moment, the chamber can suspend peers, but for no longer than the duration of the current parliament. It can also demand written or oral apologies for smaller demeanours:

The new rules would ban peers who have misbehaved from claiming any money from the House of Lords.

In addition, such peers would be forbidden use of amenities within Parliament, including IT and library facilities, car parking, meeting rooms, desk space and stationery. They would also forgo dining and banqueting rights.

Although a suspension can only be enforced for a limited period, the sanctions could be applied for any period of time. They could be used to deter disgraced peers from attending the Lords.
In contrast to the Lords rules, MPs are automatically disqualified from the Commons if they are jailed for more than a year.

Take away their dining rights! That should do it. If ever there was a sign of an archaic institution that needs reforming this is it.
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