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Monday, December 16, 2013

Being an incorrigible rogue

The Independent reports the devastating news that one can still be jailed for being a republican and that it remains illegal to even imaging overthrowing the Queen.

The revelation comes as the Ministry of Justice embarrassingly admitted that a law threatening to jail for life anyone who has called for the abolition of the monarchy had been mistakenly included on a list of 309 offences due to be repealed before May.

Although the law has not been used to prosecute anyone since 1879, it means that it is still theoretically possible to imprison for life anybody who even so much as "imagines" overthrowing the Crown or waging war against the Queen.

Much more devastating is the news that “being an incorrigible rogue”, under the Vagrancy Act 1824, has also been repealed. What is the world coming to.
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