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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welsh Lib Dems reject M4 extension

The Welsh Liberal Democrats took a significant step yesterday in becoming the first party in Wales to formally reject using the Assembly's new borrowing powers to construct an M4 relief road to the south of Llanwern Steelworks from Junction 23A ‘Magor’ of the existing M4 to junction 29 ‘Castleton’.

Faced with two options the party instead chose to recommend that the Government develop the A48 Southern Distributor Road and A4810 Steelworks Access Road near Newport’s Llanwern Steelworks, as part of an integrated transport strategy for South-East Wales incorporating investment in public transport, rail freight infrastructure and the improvement of strategic local routes.

The party rightly rejected a solution that would have compromised four SSSI and added significantly to road traffic emissions. The danger of course is that the new road will fill up with traffic in due course too, leaving back where we started. Looking to get local traffic off the M4 and commuters into public transport is a far more sustainable solution.
Well done Lib Dems, we were afraid this would be yet another sacrifice of countryside to 'growth at all costs'
Vic Warren, CPRW (Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales)
This is good news Peter.

But Plaid Cymru has clearly opposed it as well. It seems odd to try and freeze them out, as we need a broad coalition against this and especially to cite the previous Minister (IWJ)'s opposition.
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