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Friday, November 08, 2013

Under water

The Independent carries an article portraying a rather apocalyptic vision of the World after all the ice melts. They say that maps in the National Geographic magazine predicts that a huge swathe of eastern England, most of Denmark, the entire eastern seaboard of the United States, Bangladesh and a huge chunk of China would be lost beneath the sea.

They say that the maps show the Black Sea joining up with the Caspian Sea in Europe, while a vast lake is created in the middle of Australia. Africa fares better than the other continents, but Alexandria and Cairo in Egypt would be lost and the temperature rise needed to melt the ice would make much of it uninhabitable:

The interactive online maps show a radically different planet Earth after land ice in Greenland, the Antarctic and elsewhere all melted. If this happened, it would produce a sea level rise of about 216ft.

“There are more than five million cubic miles of ice on Earth, and some scientists say it would take more than 5,000 years to melt it all,” the magazine said.

“If we continue adding carbon to the atmosphere, we’ll very likely create an ice-free planet, with an average temperature of perhaps 80F [26.6 C] instead of the current 58F [14.4C].”

This is of course just one scenario but a concerning one nevertheless.
The other thing is it's not going to be reversable..

With the melting of the ice-caps, there will be melting of the permafrost which will result in a massive release of Methane, ditto the methyl hydrates at the bottom of oceans and on contenental shelves will be released, the sea will appear to boil, and with the lowering of the water density, ships will sink!
And a joke scenario - and ignores basic science, e.g., Le Chatelier's principle. The greater the temperature increase the more carbon sink-holes will be generated. The more plant growth etc.
Australia would look pretty good with a big lake in its middle regions which are currently very dire for lack of water!

The Netherlands are still grabbing land back from the sea. I live on the Eastern seaboard - which is predicted to be gone. What utter rubbish.

We are as likely to have a cool down period as a hot one. Why? Sunspot activity is dropping - so we might expect the Earth to cool down.

In addition, the molten core of the Earth harbours vast amounts of carbon dioxide - far more than man can ever generate, and we know next to zip of its 'tidal flows' - just that historically we are due for a fresh super-volcano eruption that will inevitably lead to reduced crop yields due to a sudden global cool down. This scenario is actually on the cards - but you don't hear about it from the green fascist/religion.
In some respect the UK drop in heavy manufacturing is a macro-example of Le Chatelier's principle - the green religion convinced EU politicians to kill off much of our cheaper electricity generating plant: end result: manufacturing has gone to China et al who are building more coal fired power stations (also same thing in India) so net CO2 will go up, not down!

Then we import the same goods we should be manufacturing locally. Oh well, the Green religion will no doubt continue to sway science-ignorant politicians and the EU will continue to have vast swathes of under-employed people. Your silly energy policies is increasing pollution, not decreasing it: China is now one of the largest producers (if not the largest) of industrial CO2 c/o, inter alia, EU policies - way to go guys.

But you can enjoy your 'feel good' factor safe in the knowledge that the tax on supermarket plastic bags and the use of cotton or cotton like bags will somehow have some kind of global impact while ignoring the HUGE imports of goods produced by "King Coal" in China. Way to go.
If the East of England goes underwater their could be a migration to Wales
Yeah, house prices would go up in Wales!!!!!! And south-east prices will drop. So looking good for Wales! Wales has higher ground - the sooner Wales goes independent the btter - we will 'cash in'. The HUGE central land mass of Australia would become a super-large resort! Looking good for future tourist trade in Australia. The USA will lose - but that would make left-wing nutters happy.
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