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Friday, November 15, 2013

Coincidence of the day

The Daily Mail reports that the controversial union giant Unite handed Labour almost £800,000 after Ed Miliband dropped his inquiry into claims it had been involved in vote-rigging.

They say that Official figures have revealed that Unite donated £777,740 a fortnight after the Labour leader reinstated two union members who had been suspended over allegations of trying to fix the selection of a new parliamentary candidate in the safe seat of Falkirk. The huge cheque was almost a quarter of the £3.1million donated to the party in the third quarter of this year.

The Labour Party of course insist that there is ‘absolutely no link’ between the donation and the dropping of the inquiry into the Falkirk scandal. A source told the paper that the cash was a regular instalment of affiliation fees taken from union members’ subs.

The payment does though underline the problems that Ed Miliband has in establishing an independent inquiry into the affair and in shaking off the impression of being in hock to his union paymasters.
Hi Peter, notwithstanding the state of the UK's finances, are you in favour of direct funding to parties, would remove some of the cronyism issues at a stroke from all parties
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