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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Tories, Silk and underwear jokes

David Cameron reporedly told journalists that the Silk Commission review of the way that the Welsh Government is funded is an obsession of the Cardiff Bay bubble and has no relevance to ordinary people who are more concerned with jobs and public services.

The Welsh Conservative leader, Andrew R.T. Davies jokingly referred to silk as the material used to make underwear. That tells us a great deal about his kind of Conservative, possibly too much.

Nevertheless, credit where credit is due. Today, Mr. Davies stepped in and told the UK Government to hurry up and make a decision on implementing the Silk Commission report. According to ITV, he said that there is a danger that any further wait could risk it being lost altogether.

This is a far more significant story than whether  or not the Welsh Tories have been snubbed because neither their Assembly Leader nor the Secretary of State for Wales have been invited to speak from the main platform at the Conference.

Let is hope that the Prime Minister listens and gets on with it.
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