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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Larry factions

If there are splits in the Coalition it seems that they are all centred on Downing Street. Well, at that at least is the theory of Andy McSmith in his Independent Diary.

He says that a number of factions are developing around Larry, the demon-mouser:

I am now informed that some days ago, Larry the hardworking Downing Street mouser caught a mouse in the yard behind Downing Street and was playing with it when a furious member of staff emerged, accused the cat of wanton cruelty, and rescued the mouse.

This leads me to conclude that there is a faction in Downing Street working to undermine Larry by briefing that he cannot catch mice, while another faction seeks to big him up as a veritable mouse slaughterer, while a third undertakes mouse rescue activities. This government is split from top to bottom.

Poor Larry is learning an important political lesson - you cannot please everybody.
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