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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

John Major speaks for many

Whatever one might have thought about John Major when he was Prime Minister, there is no way that we can fault his timing. Sir John's intervention on fuel poverty and energy bills yesterday was perfectly timed and made Ed Miliband's efforts to make an impact on this issue look clumsy and inept:

Sir John Major challenged ministers to levy a windfall tax this winter on energy companies’ profits to protect the neediest in society as he warned Conservative chiefs of the electoral dangers of vacating the political centre ground.

The former Prime Minister urged his party to reconnect with voters in the North of England, where it had been relegated to the political fringe, and to help poor families struggling to make ends meet in tower blocks and council estates.

He predicted the Government would have to step in to prevent families from having to choose between heating and eating if there is a bitterly cold spell of weather.

The former Prime Minister spoke with the suretyof a man who no longer has responsibility for running the country, but did so in a way that set out a sensible middle-way that his successor could and should follow.

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