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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wales Labour under fire for their appalling record on the NHS

It has not been a good week for Wales Labour as just a cursory glance at today's Western Mail will reveal. They carry a series of articles that indicate that the party's 14 year management of the Welsh NHS has left the service in crisis.

The most damning is the claim by Labour MP, Ann Clwyd that the National Health Service in Wales is in a worse situation than in England. She has been tasked with conducting a review of the NHS in England since she took a public stand about the health service following her husband Owen Roberts’ death in October:

She told S4C’s Gwion Lewis: “I wouldn’t have spoken out as I have done on this were it not for the fact that people don’t seem willing to admit there are problems in Wales and yet the messages I’ve had from all over Wales make it perfectly plain that there are problems here.”

Speaking as the first guest on the new series Siarad o Brofiad (Speaking from Experience), Ms Clwyd said she had uncovered worrying statistics from the library at the House of Commons which suggest the NHS in Wales is in a worse place than the NHS in England.

She said: “I asked for a comparison between Wales and England and the diagnostics for the two countries and Wales is behind England in every instance. It appears that things are very bad.”

Ms Clwyd has suggested that there is a reluctance on the part of the Welsh Government to admit there are serious problems with the Welsh NHS.

As if to back up her claims, the paper also reveals that the number of people waiting more than 36 weeks to start NHS treatment has reached a new high with the figure now topping 11,000, when the target figure is zero.

The Welsh Labour Government are in denial, more concerned with boasting about their ideological purity than applying practical measures that will make a difference.
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