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Monday, September 16, 2013

Vince Cable to act on zero hours contracts

Vince Cable's speech to conference has become one of the most keenly anticipated by representatives, and not just because we want to play the media game of spotting subtle nuances that may distinguish him from the leadership.

One announcement due to be made in his speech and already trailed by the BBC is further action on zero hours contracts. That is very welcome.

The BBC say that Vince will say economic recovery must not come at the cost of workers' rights. He is also looking at how to raise the minimum wage without costing jobs, and will unveil a crackdown on "rogue" company directors:

Mr Cable will say: "It is clear that there are abuses in the system, especially around the issue of exclusivity which some employers are demanding from workers on these contracts. I am determined to make sure people are paid and treated fairly, while helping to keep people employed in these delicate economic times."

Action on this issue is overdue and all credit to Vince for taking it on.
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