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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The trouble with Larry

The Independent kicks off coverage of the Conservative Party Conference with the devastating news that the Camerons do not like Larry the cat. It seems that since his arrival in Downing Street the briefing against the feline mouser has been even more vicious than that targeted at Gordon Brown's enemies by Damian McBride.

Journalists have been told that the nation's premier pet is more interested in catnapping than rat-catching:

It is understood that the rescue cat spends most of the day asleep, waking occasionally to startle staff with a sharp claw to the calves. And then there's the fur. David Cameron's Savile Row finest has been covered in it on more than one occasion.

An aroma is also wafting through the corridors of power. Visitors with a keen sense of smell are picking up notes of cat food, despite attempts by staff to mask it with air freshener.

Larry is said to have won the hearts of even the toughest political animals, but some insiders are unimpressed. "He has shown no interest in the many mice in Downing Street," one recent visitor said. "There is a distinct lack of killer instinct."

Larry though may well have the final laugh. The bookies have him at 1/2 to outlast David Cameron at Number 10.

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