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Monday, September 30, 2013

Another UKIP gaffe

They have lost most of the MEPs, they are the most gaffe-prone party in Britain and yet still UKIP flourish. How do they do it?  The Times reports today on the party's latest faux pas.

They say that Nigel Farage’s chief spin doctor referred to a British Asian newspaper journalist as “of some form of ethnic extraction”:

Gawain Towler, who is UKIP’s top press officer and a candidate for next year’s European elections, used the description in a text message intended for a colleague but sent accidentally to someone else.
Sending instructions to a local activist ahead of a visit to Manchester by the UKIP leader for the Conservative Party conference, he warned him that two journalists would be arriving early. He wrote: “James, my fault but I told the [Evening] Standard that Nigel would be arriving at approx. 10.30 this morning. They have called and I expect a snapper and a female journalist (of some form of ethnic extraction) at Piccadilly.”

Mr Towler defended his choice of language, saying that he had used the description because he could not remember the journalist’s name. “If I’d got the right name I would have used it but I didn’t so I needed to give a head up.” He added: “I was thinking of using the term ‘babe’ but they aren’t going to have the first idea what I’m going on about.”

The paper point out that Nigel Farage has gone to great lengths to rebut claims that his anti-EU and anti-immigration party is racist. But they say, the private text message offers an insight into the less-guarded language used by UKIP staffers behind the scenes.
How do they do it?

Because outside of desperate metropolitan pillocks like you the rest of the country doesn't remotely consider describing someone as 'of ethnic extraction' a 'gaffe'?

Peter: God knows we've had our differences, but Reg statement is well off.

We al know what describing someone as "of ethic extraction " means

I'm beginning to suspect UKIP have a defence team ready to attack any Blog that remotely criticises them.

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