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Sunday, July 07, 2013

UKIP modernisation collapses in confusion

Attempts by UKIP Leader, Nigel Farage to modernise his party's approach to devolution in advance of the Ynys Mon by-election have been quickly undermined by UKIP's Welsh MEP, John Bufton.

According to the Western Mail, Mr. Bufton has rejected Farage's views and suggested that a new party could be formed to continue the previous policy of abolishing the Welsh Assembly if UKIP changes it view:

Mr Bufton said in a television interview: “Well, I’m part of the old school. I’ve been opposed to the Assembly from its inception and remain so.

“If the party changes its policy, which I think it might do, I think it’s a big big mistake and basically there would be no difference between us and the Conservatives then. So if we lose that, it’s our main plank, that we want to abolish it, then there’s an opening for another party perhaps.”

Once more there is confusion about what UKIP actually stands for. That uncertainty will do them no favours in Ynys Mon.
There used to be a Sir Bufton Tufton who wrote mad Tory letters to Private Eye. Are they related?
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