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Monday, June 17, 2013

Rise of the cat navs

It seems that the programme The Secret life of the Cat has sparked a bit of a trend. The Western Mail reports that sales of tracking devices fitted to cats are  soaring as owners take advantage of an explosion in gadgetry to keep tabs on their pets:

One device, the G-PAWS GPS data recorder, has seen pre-orders up 350% on last week and it is the fastest selling pet supplies product on Amazon.co.uk.

And the firm Pawtrax says it has sold 600 GPS tracking devices for cats and dogs since setting up three years ago.

Sony Japan has even released a dog harness to which owners who want even more of an idea where their pets have been can attach a high definition action camera.

Clearly the surveillance state extends even to our pets. Despite suspicions concerning the recent disappearance of a collared dove from my garden I am not sure that I really want to know what my cat gets up to when he is out and about.
he's probably off shitting in Carwyn Jones' garden!
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